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We are now offering in-store pickup and walk-ins for both medical patients and recreational customers. Please check out our Updated Ordering Guidelines for more information.


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MAC is now able to accept debit cards at the register. Ask our dispensary agents for details.

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Chicopee Dispensary, Hours & Menu

Dispensary Hours

  • Monday – 9am – 9pm

  • Tuesday – 9am – 9pm

  • Wednesday – 9am – 9pm

  • Thursday – 9am – 9pm

  • Friday – 9am – 9pm

  • Saturday – 9am – 9pm

  • Sunday – 10am – 7pm

Amherst Dispensary, Hours & Menu

Dispensary Hours

  • Monday – 10am – 6pm

  • Tuesday – 10am – 6pm

  • Wednesday – 10am – 6pm

  • Thursday – 10am – 6pm

  • Friday – 10am – 8pm

  • Saturday – 10am – 8pm

  • Sunday – 10am – 6pm

    5 star review  It was my first time setting foot into and purchasing products from a dispensary. I was nervous that it would be weird, but it was pretty normal. A couple important tidbits- you do not have to be a medical patient to purchase goods here, you do not have to be a Mass resident or have a Mass ID (ie, you can be from out of state), and it is cash only but there is an ATM inside. Here's a detailed experience guide for others like me who didn't know what to expect. - A man outside the building will check your ID. Please show a valid driver's license. You cannot enter without it. You need to be 21+. - Once inside the entryway, the is an official security check where another person will check and validate your ID. - Finally inside the store, there is a table with copies of the menu, as well as 3-5 employees who are available for discussions and answering questions. They didn't attack me with conversation, and in fact, didn't even appear to notice me at all (a good thing). - Around the backside of the table-with-menus are the lines. There is one for medical patients and one for regular adult users. - The cashier will get the items you want off the menu, and maybe ask if you are familiar with the products you are purchasing. She will also check your ID. Please pay in cash only. - Sales tax is quite high so make sure you bring enough cash. For example, the gummy edibles are advertised for $34, but will cost $40 with tax. - There is an interesting protocol for exiting the building. When you get back into the entryway, you need to wait for the door to close behind you, wait for a light to turn green, then make the final exit through the second set of doors to the outside.

    thumb Kevin Michalski

    5 star review  Happened to be in Hartford CT on business. Never in a recreational store before and found this online. Short hop from Hartford so I had to do it. Kind of in a secluded area but very easy to get to. Security was excellent. ID check prior to entry, also inside the door and at the counter. Very impressed. Good selection of products, reasonable prices and friendly knowledgeable sales people. Very friendly and happy to offer suggestions on their products. Cash only and there is an ATM machine on site. Products are top shelf! This is how recreational cannibus should be sold. Only complaint is the very high state tax, but hey, the price you pay for highly quality controlled weed, worth it. Will return!

    thumb Tony Clifton

    5 star review  Each strain has unique characteristics when grown under certain lighting. MAC uses this idea to bring out specific strain characteristics, making the selection the most unique, effect specific and high quality in my opinion. They use boveda packs to keep the weed fresh, and everything is hand done from cultivation to production.

    thumb Jenna L. Bronson