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We are now offering in-store pickup and walk-ins for both medical patients and recreational customers. Please check out our Updated Ordering Guidelines for more information.


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Chicopee Dispensary, Hours & Menu

Dispensary Hours

  • Monday – 9am – 9pm

  • Tuesday – 9am – 9pm

  • Wednesday – 9am – 9pm

  • Thursday – 9am – 9pm

  • Friday – 9am – 9pm

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Amherst Dispensary, Hours & Menu

Dispensary Hours

  • Monday – 10am – 6pm

  • Tuesday – 10am – 6pm

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  • Sunday – 10am – 6pm

    5 star review  I like their variety but now that other dispensaries are selling other sellers products they're coming out dry and even a month is not working they're still dry. You guys got to start forcing it if we lose that to dryness that loses all the properties for medical which means I'm buying Street pot for $350 an ounce. But this is a good review I'm stressing you as sellers and distributors need to make sure you get the best things you can for us and I know that's your mission but maybe you should start taking lot numbers for any complaints about things and see if there's a commonality or force them to have moisture packets or you won't sell their product. I had one dispensary that I went to a few times their pocket being dry and I stopped going to their dispensary. I don't want to do that here so just a little tidbit of info but again five stars

    thumb October Brandywine (Bruce)

    5 star review  Favorite place in the area. Coming to western MA from the bay area, it was frustrating trying to find bud that matched CA quality for even close to the price. Luckily MAC opened up for recreational. MAC's buds are hand trimmed (rare in the area) and really good. I dont like spending $60+ an eighth but I'll treat myself to MAC every now and then. Get something grown by MAC like the Star Punch or their Garlic strains... basically anything they write "knockout" or "heavy hitting" in the description and you won't be disappointed.

    thumb Ryan O'Keefe

    5 star review  If I'm being honest as a Medicinal user of Cannabis place is nice smells the part upon entry beautifully flower but way overpriced they have a point system but no vouchers I get vouchers once a year from Beta for 200 off my purchase I guess the end result is monitary gain I get just as good quality from friends who grow than these legal dealers and don't stay broke either if you can afford to pay $300 plus for a 28g of flower you must be rich and have no other priorities or obligations even in the medical line no discount Beta does not tax medicinal users and also gives 20 percent off every visit for medicinal users all these places should have a clearance section weekly and bring the price down for those whom are medicinal users and low income I can go on just advocating on behalf of the not so rich people

    thumb Reinaldo Bonilla Jr.