Cheap Ounces: $100 Ounces in MA

Looking for Massachusetts dispensaries with $100 ounces? You’re in luck! Mass Alternative Care offers cheap ounces in both our Chicopee and Amherst, MA locations. If you’re planning to restock your stash and keep some money in your pocket, be sure to stop in for a visit. Take a look at all the details about finding $100 ounces dispensary deals in MA below.

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$100 Ounces Dispensary Deals at Mass Alternative Care

A $100 ounce at MAC lands you with some of our very best in-house strains, from Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid lineages. We periodically offer these good deals based on our dispensary’s flower supply. Be sure to look for our Value Products listing at the bottom of our online menu or ask about $100 ounces when you stop in for a visit.

Strains to Expect to See Near the $100 Ounce Price Point

Savings on ounces will still mean you can get your hands on good strains and high-quality bud. While our value strain collection is ever-changing, a few picks you may see on the menu for around the $100-ounce price include:

  • Purple Emperor – A modest-potency hybrid with 16% THC, earthy flavor, and a robust euphoric uplift
  • LA Pop Rockz – A classic Sativa strain with 17% TAC, a spicy, fruity flavor, and energizing effects
  • Berry Chill – A Sativa strain with smooth berry flavors, 14% TAC, and a stress-reducing effect
  • Jolly Green Giant – A slow-and-steady Indica strain with over 23% TAC, a herbal flavor profile, and superior relaxing qualities
  • Zephyr (Pre-ground) – A low-THC Hybrid strain with a slight citrus flavor and mild, leveling effects

How to Find Cheap Ounces Dispensary Near Me in MA

Finding cheap ounces is a matter of knowing which dispensaries offer the best prices on cannabis. Prices can vary drastically from one shop to the next based on localized supply and demand. At MAC, we keep our prices competitive and always have something to offer at a special price. Be sure to sign up for the MAC newsletter to stay in the know about all of our upcoming dispensary deals and exclusive discounts. Also, make sure you’re signed up for MAC’s Springbig Loyalty Program for even bigger chances to save.

Find Cheap Ounces Near Me in Chicopee and Amherst at MAC

From cheap ounces in MA to good deals on edibles, concentrates, vapes, and more, we’ve always got a good way to save on the agenda at Mass Alternative Care. Be sure to keep an eye on our menu to catch the latest good deals on your favorite flower. Don’t forget, you can also order ahead in Chicopee and Amherst to save your preferences for pickup.

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