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The staff here is incredible! Both at Amherst and Chicopee. Everyone is so friendly and fun and the vibes are always positive. Emily is awesome too, she has so much compassion in her energy and I just love everyone who works here. Great bud too

Renee C. Google

I love MAC Chicopee. The customer service is 98 percent the reason I go to this dispensary over other. The prices and deals are excellent, and I always save money!

Wendi K. Google

MAC is the only rec dispensary I use when I come into town. Great products. The flowers they grow are very good, not too many recreational dispensary around that have great flower. Terps ✅️ Clean smoke ✅️ Customer service 👍 and Prices 👍

Pedro O. Google

Very clean-bright and quiet. Smaller than other dispos but not a bad thing. Budtender was super kind and helpful. Appreciate the medical benefits. 🤞🏼

J Bear Google

I love this place ! Always have great deals and there gummies are the best ! Also the honey when your sick and get tea with that hunny there's nothing like it !

Kristy F. Google

Love this place! Super informative and cool staff! Prices are great as well! Never disappointed here!

Craig M Google

Mass Alternative Care in Boston Dispensaries

Berkshire Roots in East Boston (2.3 miles) – Berkshire Roots is one of the best dispensaries near Boston that is not technically within the city limits. This store offers both medical and recreational weed, so no matter how you like (or need) to get high, Berkshire Roots has you covered. There is limited parking around here, though, so they recommend taking mass transit if possible.

Ethos Dorchester in Boston (3.9 miles) – If you’re looking for a chic, laid-back cannabis buying experience, Ethos is one of the newer dispensaries in the area. Here, you can feel good about shopping for weed, even if you’re totally new to the world of marijuana. Ethos offers many unique products, including top sellers from Mass Alternative Care. Ethos also has multiple locations throughout Massachusetts if you’re outside of Boston.

Pure Oasis in Boston (4.7 miles) – As one of the first recreational dispensaries in Boston, Pure Oasis has perfected its menu over the last few years. In fact, this dispensary was voted the best of Boston in 2021 and 2022, giving it a unique distinction among other stores in the area. Pure Oasis puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you an unmatched shopping experience.

High Profile in Boston (6 miles) – High Profile has multiple locations throughout the area, so if you’re outside of Boston, you don’t have to travel far to find your favorite products. High Profile also has one of the better rewards programs, putting it toward the top spot for a Boston dispensary.

What to Expect From Dispensaries in Boston

Because Massachusetts has had legalized weed for a while, many of the dispensaries in and around Boston cater to experienced users. However, if you’re just getting into cannabis, you can still find everything you need to feel your best.

One thing about Boston dispensaries is that many of them can be hard to reach by car (as with most other Boston establishments). So, we recommend taking mass transit or walking to your favorite dispensary if possible.

A major advantage of buying from an established dispensary (especially one that has a chain of stores in the state) is that you can often get discounts on your favorite products. So, if you’re looking for Mass Alternative Care cannabis, you can often save money by signing up for a rewards program. You can even sign up for multiple programs so there’s always a new deal in your inbox.

Overall, Boston dispensaries are designed to be casual and laid-back. Think of shopping at a Boston dispensary as you would any other store. There’s very little stigma surrounding weed these days, so you can go in, get what you need, and get out without any awkwardness or stares. Weed is just another part of modern life around here.

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