A topical is a product such as a lotion, cream or salve, that includes active cannabis properties. Topicals are applied directly to the skin where its medicinal properties are absorbed and can be used to treat muscle aches, soreness or issues like dry skin.


A tincture is a liquid cannabis extract usually made with alcohol or glycerol and often dosed via eyedropper. Tinctures are taken sublingually, placed under the tongue, where they are absorbed through the bloodstream. Tinctures can also be placed into a drink, but the effects will take longer due to being processed through the digestive system, like an edible.


Edibles are edible products that are infused with extracted cannabis. Commonly sold as fruit chews, chocolate bars, tarts, mints, lozenges, capsules, drinks and baked goods. Edibles take longer to feel effects as the infused cannabis must pass through the digestive system. Also known as medibles, for “medicated edibles”.


Concentrates are a potent consolidation of cannabinoids that are made by dissolving cannabis material in its plant form into a solvent. The end product has very high THC levels and can produce varying products that range from thick stick oils to resinous bits. Slang terms depend on extraction method, but common terms are oil, dabs or dabbing.


This common term refers to a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. Also known as a joint, doobie, bone, bat, J, L or dutch.


Cannabis flowers are the hairy, sticky, crystal covered bud that is harvested, dried and cured for consumption. Also known as pot, bud, weed, nugs, herb, ganja, reefer, dank or chronic.

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