Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts

Why Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts?

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts

With recreational cannabis legal for adults 21 and over, fewer people are looking to get their medical marijuana card in the Bay State. However, simply having access to recreational cannabis doesn’t bring the same benefits as being a medical cannabis patient. In fact, there are quite a few benefits of having a medical card in Massachusetts that are worth exploring. Take a closer look at why you may want to consider if you have a qualifying condition.

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The Benefits of Having a Medical Card in Massachusetts

Purchase Cannabis for Wellness at 18 Instead of 21

In MA, the legal age to purchase recreational cannabis is 21. So, even if you do have a qualifying condition, you won’t be able to purchase cannabis in the state without a card. However, medical cannabis patients who are approved are fully legal to purchase cannabis at 18 years old. A lot of college students in the area choose to get their MA medical marijuana card for this reason.

Save Money with Every Purchase

Money is a big factor when you use cannabis for wellness. While cannabis prices have stabilized over the last few years and dropped, this doesn’t account for the added tax charged for recreational sales that dispensaries must abide by. Adult customers face a 10.75% excise tax, 6.25% sales tax, and even an added local 3% tax in certain locations.

All these taxes mean that eighth of flower for $25 becomes closer to $30 or more when you check out. By contrast, medical patients are not subject to any of these imposed taxes, which can mean substantial savings if you purchase a lot of cannabis throughout the month. Plus, some dispensaries offer automatic discounts for medical cannabis patients.

Access Both Recreational and Medical Menus

As an adult cannabis customer, you have access to only the recreational menu. However, with an MA medical marijuana card, you can shop from either the medical or recreational menu. This opens up the scope of products you have access to as a customer. Also, medical menus tend to have a more diverse collection of products like tinctures, topicals, and edibles formulated for certain ailments.

Higher Purchase Limits

Recreational customers in MA are legally allowed to purchase up to one ounce of cannabis flower at a time. However, medical card holders are allowed to purchase as much as 10 ounces of flower in one shopping trip, or enough for a 60-day supply. In severe circumstances, a qualified practitioner can also state that you need more than the standard limit as a patient. Being able to purchase cannabis products in bulk as a patient may even mean bigger savings.

Medical Card MA FAQs

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Medical Card in MA?

You can actually apply to be a medical cannabis patient in MA for free. The only cost involved is to cover your initial consultation with an approved practitioner. Depending on who you visit, the consultation may cost anywhere from $80 to $200. This visit will be required annually to maintain your registration as a cannabis patient. You will receive a physical card to keep with you for free initially, but the fee for a replacement card is $10 thereafter.

What Are the Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Card in MA?

MA allows qualifying medical practitioners to determine if your condition is debilitating enough to benefit from medical cannabis. However, the state also has a clear list of conditions that will mean you are automatically eligible, including:

  • Cancer
  • Hepatitis C
  • Glaucoma
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Remember, even if your condition is not on the list, you may qualify for treatment if the physician says you need treatment.

Is Getting a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card Complicated?

Not as complicated as a lot of people expect. You simply have to:

  1. Get certified by a reputable Massachusetts Cannabis Healthcare Provider—some offer telehealth appointments!
  2. Register online for the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program.
  3. Print your temporary program ID for quick access.
  4. Find a medical cannabis dispensary near you.

Why Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts?

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Mass Alternative Care has two dispensaries in MA to find high-quality and craft cannabis and the best cannabis products. Both our Amherst and Chicopee dispensaries serve medical cannabis patients. If you’re a new medical cannabis patient looking for the right dispensary, be sure to explore our menu online or stop in for a visit.

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