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Mass Alternative Care is a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary near Wilbraham, MA, located only 16 min (7.7 mi) Northwest of Wilbraham via Stony Hill Rd. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Wilbraham, MA and beyond. Get directions.

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Wilbraham, MA (Recreational & Medical) Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Why Visit Our Closest Dispensary?

Mass Alternative Care is your premier destination for premium recreational and medical cannabis in Chicopee and Amherst, Massachusetts! At Mass Alternative Care, we’re dedicated to providing a welcoming and knowledgeable environment where cannabis enthusiasts and patients alike can explore and discover a wide range of high-quality products. Our menu offers a full selection of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and more. Place an order online or come in to shop!

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Visiting from Wilbraham? Things to Know

Looking for the Best Wilbraham, MA Dispensary?

At Mass Alternative Care, we’re excited to get to know you and to become your favorite dispensary near Wilbraham, MA. We love what we do, and we’re excited to talk with you about which of our products will be the right fit for your cannabis needs.

We offer many different types of cannabis in our dispensary, including flower, concentrate, pre-rolls, vape cartidges, edibles, tinctures, CBD oil, and more. If you’re new to the world of cannabis and aren’t quite sure where to start, no worries—we’ve got you covered. Feel free to take your time talking with us about the effect that you’re looking for. We’ll help you choose the product and weed strain that’s the right fit for your needs.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy our cannabis offerings. We invite you to order online, allowing us to have your order ready for you before you even walk through our door.

Is weed legal in Wilbraham?

Great news: recreational and medicinal weed are both legal in Massachusetts, including in Wilbraham. Even though weed is fully legal, it’s still improtant that you stay within the confines of the law when using cannabis in Massachusetts. It’s ok to carry cannabis in public, but you aren’t allowed to consume weed in public. This means that you’ll need to wait until you’re in the comfort of your own home to enjoy the goodies you pick up at Mass Alternative Care. An important note: if you’re renting, staying in a hotel, or staying in an AirBnb, be sure to talk to the property owner to ensure that they’re ok with cannabis use on their property.

Other Reasons to visit our dispensary from Wilbraham, MA

Chicopee Memorial State Park (570 Burnett Road) is a great place to stretch your legs before you head back to Wilbraham. Enjoy a relaxing walk or hike before head home. Need to grab a quick bite before you hit the road? Check out Colonial Cafe (550 Chicopee Street) for fantastic seafood (especially fish and chips!), great tacos, and more. If you’re heading over for Taco Tuesday or Fish and Chips Friday, you may want to call ahead for takeout instead of trying to nab a table.

Getting to Our Dispensary from Wilbraham

If you’re ready to head over to your new favorite dispensary near Wilbraham MA, we’re excited to meet you! Feel free to call an Uber or Lyft if you’d prefer not to drive. If you’re ready to hit the road, follow the simple directions below—we’ll see you when you get here!

  • Head east toward Main St—12 sec (161 ft)
  • Continue to Stony Hill Rd—7 min (3.7 mi)
  • Follow Stony Hill Rd to Main St—2 min (0.6 mi)
  • Follow Main St and Worcester St to E Main St in Chicopee—7 min (3.4 mi)
  • Mass Alternative Care—1247 E Main St, Chicopee, MA 01020

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Looking for a Massachusetts dispensary near you in Wilbraham, MA? Come visit us!

1247 E Main St
Chicopee, MA 01020

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