Our state of the art facilities allow for our cultivators to ensure our flower has the perfect

environment and care from seed to sale. A vertically integrated cannabis company, we grow, package and sell from our indoor facilities in Chicopee,MA. Custom nutrient recipes are created with a custom lighting spectrum to cater to each strain and maximize the genetic potential of each plant. All cultivation medium used are biodegradable/compostable. Every single product from MAC is hand-trimmed, hand packaged, and quality checked to ensure you only get the best of the best available.

MAC adheres to a thorough pheno hunting process to find the most desirable traits present within a particular lineage. These phenotypes then go through rigorous in-house testing and quality review before the best are chosen to be added to MACs repertoire.

Our prerolls are crafted from high quality bud only, never shake or trim. Every single preroll is individually inspected to ensure the customer is getting a perfect product every time.

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