At MAC, our dedicated cultivators pour their passion into crafting the finest cannabis products every day. As a fully integrated cannabis company, we meticulously cultivate, package, and distribute our flower from our cutting-edge facility in Chicopee, MA. This state-of-the-art space empowers our cultivators to provide optimal growing conditions, nurturing each plant from seed to sale. Tailored recipes are meticulously developed to enhance the unique characteristics of every strain, leveraging a specialized lighting spectrum for optimal growth. We prioritize sustainability by utilizing biodegradable and compostable growing mediums. Each product undergoes rigorous hand-trimming, packaging, and quality checks to ensure unparalleled excellence in every batch.

Our premium flower is currently available in prepackaged eighths.


Our high quality, well fed flower is available in a convenient pre-roll tube. Perfect for sharing with friends, or for the convenience of ready-to-smoke flower.

Crafted exclusively from buds, our pre-rolls promise an unmatched smoking experience, free from trim or shake. Each puff delivers the full spectrum of flavors and effects, ensuring satisfaction with every session.

1 gram or 0.75 gram pre-roll options available at this time.

<p>Clone City </p>

Clone City

<p>Griled Blueberry Muffin trim </p>

Griled Blueberry Muffin trim

<p>Grilled Blueberry Muffin trim tray </p>

Grilled Blueberry Muffin trim tray


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