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When it comes to cannabis products, many dispensaries and manufacturers work hard to provide the best products possible for their customers. However, with so much competition, how can you be sure you’re getting the best?

Well, one way is to look at the NECANN Cup Awards. NECANN is the New England Cannabis Conference, and it brings together the top brands in the world of Cannabis. Based on blind trials and third-party verification, products can win the NECANN Cup in various categories.

This year, MAC Cannabis is proud to bring home three new awards for our edibles! We love making our gummies and honey, and we’re thrilled to have won in multiple categories. Here’s a breakdown of our results and what you can expect when buying these products from our dispensary.

NECANN Cup Awards 2024

  • Raspberry Watermelon Full Spec RSO Gummy – 4th Place
  • Blue Lemonade Full Spec RSO Gummy – 5th Place
  • Full Spectrum RSO Infused Honey – 2nd Place

Experience the potency of MAC’s 100% Full Spectrum RSO infusions. Indulge in our delectable gummies and honey, crafted to deliver a robust, full-bodied effect that offers relief from pain and promotes restful sleep. Our full spectrum formula, meticulously produced without distillate, ensures a comprehensive and effective experience with a much greater depth of high than a distillate gummy..

FAQs About MAC Cannabis Edibles

What are RSO gummies effects?

Rick Simpson oil (RSO) is a highly potent, concentrated version of cannabis. Because of this, infusing our gummies with RSO means they’re stronger and longer-lasting. If you’re still new to cannabis, you may feel a bit “too high” when taking RSO gummies. Depending on the type of flower, you can experience an exhilarating head high or couch lock.

What's the difference between RSO gummies vs regular gummies?

Regular cannabis gummies come in a variety of concentrations, so you can take as much or as little as you like. For example, newbies may want gummies with only 10 or 20 mg of THC to see how they feel.

By comparison, RSO gummies are much more potent and have a stronger “entourage effect.” This effect happens when multiple cannabinoids work together to create a full-body high. Because RSO is concentrated and high-quality, it stimulates the brain and body better.

Are RSO gummies stronger?

Yes, they are much stronger than standard cannabis gummies.

What are RSO infused honey effects?

Our honey is designed to be eaten straight or enjoyed with other foods (i.e., a biscuit). Again, because it’s infused with RSO, it will have a more profound effect on you than traditional cannabis edibles. If you’re inexperienced, we recommend working your way up to RSO products.

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If you’re ready to upgrade your edible experience, Mass Alternative Care is ready to help. In addition to our award-winning gummies and honey, we offer a wide range of edibles, both infused with RSO and without. Visit our storefront in Amherst or Chicopee today and see the difference for yourself!


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