sMACs Alternative Snacks

MACs 100% Full Spectrum RSO infusions. Delicious gummies and honey with strong full-bodied effect that aids in pain relief and sleep thanks to a full spectrum formula produced without distillate.

MAC Melts

A line of hydrocarbon concentrates from MAC. These extractions come from our well fed flower that we all know and love. Produced through hydrocarbon extraction, MAC Melts are for the concentrate user who’s looking for terpene rich, beautiful, potent, and delicious extracts. Made with our premium cannabis, the end product is something that will be the only concentrate you want to smoke.


MACarts are premium cannabis cartridges, filled with distillate extracted from our well fed flower in the valley of Western Massachusetts. Premium hydrocarbon extraction ensures for a beautiful clean distillate which comes from terpene rich flower. The end result is a delicious, clean, and happy smoking experience.


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