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Why Visit Our Massachusetts Dispensary Near Connecticut?  

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Recreational cannabis legalization in Connecticut has been a long-awaited change among residents. As of 2023, the state has finally managed to make the transition and there are a few Connecticut dispensaries available. However, if you’ve been driving to neighboring Massachusetts to get recreational cannabis, you may want to continue to do so. Take a look at why customers may want to seek a dispensary near Massachusetts Connecticut border instead.

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The Issues with Recreational Cannabis in Connecticut

So, why not simply visit Connecticut dispensaries for recreational cannabis? The short answer here sounds a bit harsh, but the reality is the roll-out of Connecticut recreational weed has been a bit of a mess. All states have a few issues when cannabis becomes a newly legal market because there are so many nuances involved that can affect the end customer experience. However, the transition in the Land of Steady Habits has not been so steady. Take a look at a few issues with recreational cannabis in CT.

Cannabis Prices in CT Are the Highest in New England

Connecticut has one of the oddest and most frustrating pricing models for recreational cannabis. Not only is cannabis expensive, but taxes are hard to understand. Customers are left paying odd potency taxes on different products in addition to the 6.35% sales tax and a 3% sales tax for the town or city.

According to CT State Regulations, the CT Potency taxes equate to an added extra 10 to 15% of the purchase price for cannabis products and are structured as follows:

  • For Plant Material: A charge of $0.00625 per milligram of total THC
  • For Edible Products: A levy of $0.0275 per milligram of total THC
  • For Other Cannabis Products: A fee of $0.009 per milligram of total THC

The Current Quality of Cannabis in CT Is Questionable

Connecticut has also faced some issues with the quality of newly legalized recreational cannabis. This often occurs due to a lack of experience on behalf of the cultivators in a new agricultural market. However, CT has also had issues due to lacking testing standards and being slow about setting up the framework to make sure all cannabis is properly tested. Plus, Connecticut raised the allowable mold and yeast threshold for tested cannabis at the end of 2023 to reduce issues with lacking cannabis supplies. Now, the state has some of the highest thresholds for these contaminants in the country.

Another issue in CT is the fact that authentic strain names can be difficult to track down. CT made it a law that cannabis strain names could not be: “identical, or confusingly similar to the name of an existing non-cannabis product.” Therefore, some of the more familiar cultivar monikers like Gorilla Glue were strictly forbidden. This led to cultivators having to come up with different names for strains they grew despite their obvious genetics and registering those names with the state. Long story short, this means many of the strains customers are familiar with are masquerading as something else entirely on a dispensary shelf.

Why Drive to Our Massachusetts Connecticut Border Dispensary?

We’re One of the Closest to the Mass/CT Border

Our dispensary in Chicopee is only about 12 miles from the MA/CT border. So if you’re looking for a dispensary close to the CT border, you can be at a MAC dispensary in about 15 minutes.

We Take Pride in the Cannabis Quality in MA

Massachusetts has garnered a name for itself for providing some of the highest-quality cannabis on the East Coast. Our cultivators have already worked through the learning stages of growing cannabis, we have many artisanal brands known for exceptional quality, and there is always something on the menu to appreciate. Mass Alternative Care is proudly a part of this network of cultivators, as our in-house flower is known as some of the best in the state. MA also has high standards when it comes to testing the quality of cannabis before it ever lands on dispensary shelves, as we don’t make things confusing by changing up strain names, either.

We Make Sure Customers Get the Best Prices for Cannabis

Massachusetts was the first state on the East Coast to legalize recreational cannabis. Our market is mature, and our prices are some of the lowest in New England because we’ve learned to navigate supply and demand. For comparison, you can get an eighth of flower in MA for as low as $20 to $25. In CT, you will see prices almost double that, with the cheapest eighths for closer to $40.

Out-of-State Adult Customers Are Always Welcomed

You do not have to be a resident of MA to shop for recreational cannabis in MA. You only have to have a valid, government-issued ID from your home state that proves you are at least 21 years of age or older. At Mass Alternative Care, we’re always glad to see our Connecticut neighbors and will provide the same exceptional service.

Visit the MAC Dispensary Close to CT Border

As great as it is to see surrounding states go legal recreationally, sometimes, it can take a while for all the kinks and quirks to be worked out. In the meantime, we’d be happy to serve Connecticut residents at our dispensary near the Massachusetts Connecticut Border. If you are looking to plan ahead, take a few minutes to explore our menu to get familiar with our pricing, products, and specials.

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